Simplify Your Social Media

Are you a business owner who is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of social media marketing?

Reclaim your time by working smarter, not harder on your social media presence.

My name is Nicole Christen, I’m a social media coach . . . and I’ve been in your shoes. For years I tried various different tactics to grow my social media following. And while I figured out some strategies that worked to gain followers, they did not convert to sales.

I kept going forward on an uphill battle, hoping that the missing puzzle piece would fall into place. It didn’t. And, I ended up experiencing extreme burnout from the work I was putting in and stress from my lack of sales.

Then I figured out what I was doing wrong.

Chances are, you’re experiencing a similar struggle: You know that social media is a powerful marketing tool, but learning how to use it effectively feels like an overwhelming and daunting task. You may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to apply all the social media tactics that you’ve been told you need to use. And, even if you have some time to spend on social media, you may feel unsure about what to post to engage your followers while maintaining your brand image. Or, when you do post, it doesn’t get a lot of response.

I understand those frustrations. I am here to reassure you that a solution exists. Furthermore, this solution will reduce the time you need to spend to get results with social media marketing.

Managing social media for your business should not feel like a chore. My goal is to renew your enthusiasm for using social media as you spend less time online. At the same time, I’m eager to walk alongside you as you undergo the transformation that occurs when you see your customers connecting with the beauty of your brand in a fresh and profound way. My formula for simplifying social media is down-to-earth and you’ll walk away having mapped out a clear, doable strategy for establishing a powerful social media presence.

Discover your story. Share the beauty of your brand. Experience growth.

An adventure awaits you. Let me tell you more.